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15 years of journaling

Writing down your thoughts is something that takes a lot of time and practice. When you first start a journal it often feels foreign and you find yourself filtering things you say even though "no one will ever read it." That's what blogging feels like to me- a journal that never loses that new feeling. A place to filter things just a little bit, making them bigger and better than reality somehow. The thing is I don't want it to feel that way, but how do you retrain your brain to be completely honest in public?

I honestly don't know the answer, but like all things in life I suspect it takes practice. What I do know is that journaling and blogging both stem from a deep human need to share our feelings and connect with someone, even if it's only with ourselves. They also stem from a desire to leave a legacy, something to be remembered by.

I've been thinking a lot about what my life looks like from an outsider's perspective and just how much I filter that experience for others. I've also been thinking a lot about where I'd like to see my life go on the next five to ten years. As much as I love planning I've never been big on setting personal milestones but as I approach my last year as a twenty-something it feels like it's time to start thinking in the long term.

It's not enough for me to sit idly by and watch the years slip by like water through my fingers. I want to take my life and mold it into something that means more. A life that positively impacts our world in some way. To be a giver not a taker.

I don't know what my legacy will be yet, but you better believe I'll be chronicling it by pen or keyboard. Hopefully unfiltered. - b.



my earliest work

My earliest memories of making art aren’t really memories at all, but stories that my mom has told me over and over again until they’ve become real in my mind. She loves to tell people how I learned to draw and craft before I could even write my own name. Her favorite story being one where I crafted a miniature nativity scene out of erasers and blocks at the age of 3. Meticulously drawing faces on each character, and dressing them in different colored tissue. It’s from these stories that I began to recognize a recurring theme of religion and symbols of my christian upbringing. At first I thought it a little heavy for a small child to dwell on such heavenly beings, but after talking it over with Ryan it made perfect sense.

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5 blogs to read right now

I am an avid blog reader. A perk of working in social media is the encouragement of this behavior and as such a good chunk of my day is spent absorbing the photos and words of bloggers from around the world. Recently though I've noticed my taste in blogs evolving and becoming more about the human connection I feel with a blogger's work and less about the "must-read" blogs that everyone is talking about.

That being said I'm not the least bit exclusive- I follow all kinds of blogs. I read blogs about art, fashion, marketing, weddings, cooking, name the genre I probably follow it. All of this reading has lead me to a few discoveries (some old/some new) and today I'm sharing my picks for the 5 blogs you should read right now.

image via: bookswept

1. Bookswept 

A lover of books and a true wordsmith, Yuri writes what has become one of my favorite blogs to read. Bookswept's concept is simple- as she reads books she pulls quotes and juxtaposes them against photos mainly taken from her everyday life. The tension created between these two elements is palpable and they vibrate off of one another melding into a single entity until you can no longer separate one from the other. It's an art form. Yuri also peppers in bits and bobs about herself and her life making this amazingly artistic and thought provoking blog approachable, and like a long drawn out conversation with a good girlfriend. If you can't tell, I'm a fan.

image via: it's the little things

2. It's the little things

I've been following Amanda's blog, It's the Little Things, on and off since my old blogspot days. I've always loved following her socially (you gotta see her Pinterest) and recently I reintroduced myself to her blog and boy am I glad I did! Her photography is breathtaking, her family is gorgeous, and she's 100% real 100% of the time. I just love every post so much and so look forward to peeks into her home life, and decorating as they settle into a new home. She's pretty much living my dream life- for real.

image via: the weaver house

3. The Weaver House

Two parts photography, one part design, and a dash of vintage sprinkled on top. The Weaver House is written by stunning twin sisters who also happen to be amazing photographers and graphic designers. Their blog is filled to the brim with inspiration, my favorite series being twins day, and the organic approach they take to their business and their honest and clean aesthetic is so very pleasing to me. Their vintage and print shop is how I originally found this blogging gem so be sure to take a peek there too!

image via: the american edit

4. The American Edit

I've shared my wardrobe goals and dreams with you in the past, and part of those dreams has been about finding a way to support designers and manufacturers based in the USA. During my many meandering internet searches on the subject I stumbled upon The American Edit by Rita Mehta and it's now my no. 1 resources for discovering American made fashion for my slowly growing wardrobe. The American Edit features stories on designers based in the USA, their goods, services, and a handy A-List of places to shop for the finest made in the USA products. I highly recommend reading this blog.

image via: floret flowers

5. Floret 

My love affair with flowers continues, this time by stalking flower blogs like a crazy person! My favorite of the bunch? Floret. Written by flower farmers Erin and Chris, their story is a testament to living simply and beautifully and their blog is the visual embodiment of that testament. Every image in the Floret blog is breathtaking and their passion and love for what they do is evident in every post. I leave their blog feeling inspired, hopeful and in need of a sunday drive in the country. I know you'll feel the same way too.

I hope you found some reading inspiration to take with you into the months and years to come. -b.