flower arranging 101 with chelsea fuss

flower arranging 101 with chelsea fuss

I decided to give myself a little birthday gift this year- my very first flower arranging class! Though I thought my first class would be surrounded by old women in a church basement (or something) I'm happy to report that after a lot of research I landed on a much better option. I'm taking an online floral design course taught by the talented floral designer and prop stylist Chlesea Fuss.

The course is four weeks long and each week covers a different flower arranging technique. I've already worked my way through week one and I'm addicted. Sorry, but you can definitely count on my sharing every last homework assignment with you here. 

I've been dying for more floral education and it feels really good to be doing something like this for myself. -b.

couplings no. 6

heirloom pumpkin squash | via: bekuh b.
first impressions | via: bekuh b.
sunrise by wish wish wish | via: bekuh b.
umbrellas + tennis | via: bekuh b.
french madeleine cookies by margaret pate | via: bekuh b.
in full bloom | via: bekuh b.

Some images are kindred spirits, they relate and respond to one another in a way similar to how body language communicates between two people. It’s chemical, mineral, visual. It’s couplings. - b.

1 |  I’ve had a harder time getting into fall this year than at any other point in my life. I blame it on warmer than average temperatures and too much work. These anything-but-halloween colored pumpkins are about as autumn as I’ll get this October.

2 |  In a month I will be reunited with my sister (at last) and so now every time I see two girls together in a photo I think of her and all the good times we’ll be having come Thanksgiving. Is it November yet?

3 |  It seems that the earlier the sun chooses to set the more I crave home baked goods. Maybe I’ll finally learn to bake delicious desserts, or maybe I’ll just go to Whole Foods.

4 | I’m enamored with home exteriors right now and this color combo is particularly speaking to me. First impressions are everything you know.

5 |  “I must have flowers, always, and always.” - Claude Monet

6 |  All I want to do is surround myself in golden fields and take in a little nature. Not the easiest task in America’s fifth largest city- Philadelphia.