couplings no. 8

pink passport | via: bekuh b.

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Recent developments in my personal life have reminded me just how much the seasons of our lives can reflect those of mother nature. Some times are darker and colder while others seem to burst forth with light and knock the cobwebs out of their secret places. I am currently experiencing the brighter, happier times and I am eternally grateful for it. There is family, friends, adventure and romance planned for the near future. Frolicking has commenced and new dresses have been ordered. I am rosy cheeked and ready for what's next. Though this season too must pass, I hope it takes its time because I like the weather just how it is for the moment.

Some images are kindred spirits, they relate and respond to one another in a way similar to how body language communicates between two people. It’s chemical, mineral, visual. It’s couplings. - b.

the philadelphia flower show

the philadelphia flower show | via bekuh b.

Last weekend I went to my very first flower show, and it just happens to be one of the biggest and oldest in the world- the Philadelphia Flower Show. I’ve been hearing about it for awhile now and when tickets fell into our lap at the very last minute I couldn’t resist going. It’s like a amusement park for gardeners and this years’ theme played right into that generalization. “In the Movies” was sponsored by Disney and Pixar so you can imagine the over the top, child-friendly vignettes that came out of it. Two of my favorites were the Parent Trap and Mary Poppins, with their vibrant blooms and seasonal flair for bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and crocuses.

Sadly the event was over crowded and I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but I did leave feeling inspired for spring. Here are a few images of the gorgeous flowers on display this year:

the 2015 philadelphia flower show | via bekuh b.
black-eyed susans | via bekuh b.
crocuses in bloom | via bekuh b.
mary poppins themed garden | via bekuh b.
pink tulips in full bloom | via bekuh b.
whimsical fairy flowers | via bekuh b.

After we left Ryan and I decided it might be worth taking a day off next year to spend a little more time at the flower show, and hopefully miss some of the overwhelming crowds that come on the weekends. It was still worth the visit, without a doubt. I wonder what next years’ theme will be? - b.